2012 - 5th Reunion (June 1-4, 2017)

Class of 2012 - 5th Reunion
June 1-4, 2017


Dear Fellow Classmates of 2012,

The time to register for reunion is now. Before you get started, a couple key items for your review:


The class of 2012 is taking over Silliman for the weekend. It will be super fun, super convenient and significantly cheaper than hotels in the area. Get ready to reasonably imagine you’re in your early 20s again, to roll out of bed in the morning and into a central quad filled with Yalie friends old and new.

If you know who you want to room with, the easiest thing to do is have one person book all the housing at once. They will only need to buy a single reunion attendance ticket, but when they get to the housing section, they should select and pay for multiple beds at once. This is the best way to ensure that your twin extra-longs are geographically adjacent. Just know that whoever purchases the housing for the group is liable if someone else from the group does not attend or cancels.

The second best way to house with specific people is to select one another as roommates (with each person being able to specify two other people.) All parties must put the others as their picks and register as close to the same time as possible. Any delay by any one of the parties decreases the chance that a match will be made.

The bulk of us will be housed in Silliman, however there will be annex-style overflow into Rosenfeld and then Old Campus, so be sure to register early to secure a spot in the main building! 

Financial Assistance:

The most important thing about reunion is getting as many people as possible back on campus. For that reason, there is a fund set aside so that we can decrease the chance that money stands as a barrier to anyone’s attendance.

We are so grateful that AYA has decided to continue this tradition, but it requires that we all use extreme discretion to ensure that it truly serves to get the people on campus who could otherwise not be there. 

If you intend to apply for assistance, please first fill out this short survey for AYA here. The whole process is completely confidential and we the co-chairs or any other classmates are not involved in this process at all. 

Getting Pumped

It’s less than 100 days till we reunite back on campus and are the last class to dine in Commons ever. EVER. You can find a full list of activities here, continue to add your friends to our FB page here, and just generally whip yourself into a frenzy over the good times coming soon. 

As always, let us know if you’d like to volunteer by responding here, and send any logistical questions to the AYA team here: reunions@yale.edu.

Boola boola and see you soon, 

Your Co-Chairs,

Sable Worthy, CC
Cecily Sackey, TC