1977 - 40th Reunion (June 1-4, 2017)



Dear Classmates and Friends,

Our 40th Reunion – June 1-4, 2017, in Branford College – will be here before you know it.  If you haven’t already done so, register now at www.aya.yale.edu/reunions and start making plans to attend! 

Join us to reminisce about all of the interesting and useful skills that you learned at Yale: 

  • How to trisect a banana with one finger
  • How to play Bladderball
  • How to artfully wave a white handkerchief
  • How to pour a beer properly
  • How to discern which Old Campus halls do or do not suck (remember the slogans and nicknames?)

Join us to catch up on what your old friends have been doing the last 40 years, meet new people, and be intellectually energized.

Join us to discuss the many deep meanings of Garrett Jewett’s reunion logo. 

Join us to see for yourself the exciting changes to Yale’s campus and programs that our classmate Weili Cheng, AYA Executive Director, described in her February letter.

We’re planning an outstanding program for our class specifically:

#WordsMatter: Classmates who have written and published will run a writer’s symposium for a small number of participants who are interested in pursuing a writing career or avocation. Thursday afternoon Jenny Allen and Jon Levi will moderate a general session with published writers. Break-out working sessions will focus on poetry, fiction/playwriting, non-fiction, and journalism/social media. Space is limited.

In Life 2.0 we will navigate together how to seize the opportunities and conquer the challenges before us so we can continue to positively shape our personal and collective futures. Thought-provoking panels on Friday and Saturday afternoons include:

  • Get Ready for the Future:  6 Big Tech Changes in 6 Minutes: We have seen unprecedented change but we are being told, we ain’t seen nothing yet. More is coming, and our classmates will help provide a window on how new technologies and big data will continue to dramatically alter the way we live. Each speaker will have six minutes to discuss a major Big Tech Change already here or coming soon that will disrupt our lives. Topics will include: artificial Intelligence, bio-technology, patient care, entertainment, energy, education, among others. Current Panelists include:  Larry Birnbaum, Polly Draper, Onaje (Michael) Jackson, Chris McLeod, Scot Osterweil and Katie Walsh.
  • America and the World: The Next Decade (scheduled for Saturday June 3, 3pm): President Trump has declared his determination to put “America First,” pledging to achieve America’s economic strength and security at home by fundamentally altering the U.S. approach to the world. What did we actually see emerging in the first 100 plus days of the Trump worldview? What are the Administration’s priorities, and how will they affect U.S. long-standing policies on security, trade, counterterror, proliferation, human rights, climate, immigrations and development? Are we likely to see a deflation or enlargement of U.S. power, influence and security, in the near-term and throughout the decade?  Current Panelists include:  Jim Brooke, Stephen Morrison, Lori Esposito Murray, and Cy Vance.
  • The Future is Now; Go For It: Whether you are continuing with your career, reinventing yourself in a new career, giving back, exploring a new passion, or perhaps going back to school, this panel of peers will share their experiences tapping into their expertise to redefine a future with impact. 
  •  Wellness:  How do we ensure that our much longer lives will be healthy and productive? What are the latest scientific breakthroughs that can help us keep our minds sharp and bodies fit and healthy?  Moderator:  Mindy Beck.

Friday brings our pre-dinner showcase of talents and achievements. This is an opportunity to learn about the diverse professional and avocational activities of our peers. We’re seeking classmates to display their books, art, quilts and clothing, scholarly publications, music, awards, unusual hand-crafted musical instruments, baked goods and canned vegetables, materials about non-profits and businesses, inventions, etc. etc. etc.

Friday night our Coffee House tradition is going up-town, to the stage of the University Theater, where you can enjoy a Cabaret of our classmates’ talents in music and comedy. Enjoy performances by Robert Lamothe’s Blues Band, Laura Teller, Oscar Hills, East River Consort, and others.

Our traditional Saturday night Class Dinner will include brief speeches, a few awards, and a performance by our legendary Whiffenpoofs. Saturday night we’ll dance to the fabulous Bales-Gitlin Band.

And much, much more!  Look for updates on the “Yale Class of 1977” Facebook page and www.aya.yale.edu/reunions.

Not only do we want you to come, we hope you will also help make this reunion a success.  If you can volunteer to whip up attendance, please contact Jeffrey Cooper at JCooper@rltlawfirm.com.  If you wish to participate in or help coordinate the showcase, please contact Judy (Becker) Bryant at judithbryant@usf.edu

We don’t want financial considerations to prevent you from attending.  If you could use financial assistance with your reunion fees, please contact Stacey O’Donnell at (203) 432-1955 or stacey.odonnell@yale.edu for a confidential discussion.

Visit the reunion website at www.aya.yale.edu/reunions for more information. If you prefer, you can register quickly and securely online at www.aya.yale.edu/reunions. We encourage you to check the reunion website at www.aya.yale.edu/reunions often to see who has registered as well as for updates to the schedule.

We look forward to seeing you in June! 

Your Reunion Co-Chairs,

Judy (Becker) Bryant             Roy Cosme               Erica (Glube) Kolatch             

                         Amy Oshinsky                          Ellen (Levy) Ryan

                                              Reunion Co-Chairs